FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) – Dudas o cuestiones típicas

On this page we have listed various questions put to us by parents wanting to enroll their children in esky-line summer camp.

This page will be permanently brought up to date so that any query may be answered. Our e-mail is also at your disposal should you have any other doubts.

  • Are the participants collected at the airport?

    Students are collected at any hour day or night at either A Coruña or Santiago de Compostela airports and taken to the camp in Rias Altas School.

  • Are the students under supervision whilst staying at the camp?

    Yes, of course. The students are supervised at all times by Xogos da Amizade personnel and this is organized in such a way that the co-ordination of supervision is always at its optimum. Students are not allowed to leave the camp unless accompanied by a monitor. At night the installations are guarded by qualified personnel.

  • What are the teaching qualifications of the staff?

    All the staff at esky-line CAMPS have the pertinent qualifications and experience to impart the activities in each specific field, they are also native speakers of both languages. Moreover, we have taken into account their working experience with groups, prioritizing in their tact, comprehension and attitude with the participants.

  • What is the main objective of teaching languages in Xogos da Amizade camps?

    We want students to be able to use the language in any circumstances in the most natural way possible.

  • How many students are there to a class?

    To ensure that our method is successful classes are made up of not more than 10 students. Furthermore, participants will also be communicating on a daily basis with other bigger groups, so, putting into practice their everyday language skills.

  • What countries do the participants come from?

    The CAMP is open to any person, from any country in the world who wishes to acquire knowledge of the two languages (English/Spanish). It goes without saying that we also receive many students from our own country, Spain.

  • How many children sleep in a bedroom?

    The school residence has rooms which are equipped with the maximum of four bunk-beds. Beds are allotted in accordance to the order of date reservations are received (we reserve the right to change this distribution should it be necessary). Sleeping arrangements will be made depending on sex. The boys”e; rooms will be in a different area to the girls”e;.

  • What do the students need to bring to the Camp?

    Please click here to see the whole list.

  • Does the price include insurance?

    There are two insurances included in the price. One covers civil responsibility and the other general accidents. Parents ought to take out travel insurance which should cover any other problem that could arise, including the repatriation of the child should it be necessary.

  • How do we enroll our children?

    You can enroll your children very easily by clicking on pre-inscription, which you can find at the top of this page, and follow the straightforward instructions.

  • Are flights included in the price?

    No. Flights to the airports of Alvedro (A Coruña) and Lavacolla (Santiago de Compostela) correspond to the parents or tutor of the participant(s). The price includes their stay (full pension) and use of the installations found in Rias Altas residence, all transport to and from said residence (excursions, activities) within their stay and transport to and from the airports on arrival and departure.

  • How does one pay?

    The total amount to pay is XXXX € per person. You can pay by credit card or by bank transfer.

    Bank Information:

    Bank: SANTANDER, C/Suso Gayoso, 11 C.P.: 27800, Villalba. Lugo. España.

    Title: Eventos, Deportes y Servicios Lúdicos del Noroeste, S.L.U.

    Account Number: ES66-0049-6745-9022-1604-3607 



    All bank costs are to be paid by the payee.

  • How do we find out more?

    For phone calls, please note our Telephone hours for our time zone GMT +2 and the language you want to be treated.

    Our schedule is as follows:

    • Monday to Friday: 10:00h-14:00h and 16:00h-20:00h

    If our times do not call it right, do not hesitate to contact us by email, we will endeavor to arrange a telephone appointment if possible.

    • e-mail: info@xogosdaamizade.com
    • phone (Spanish attention): +34 659 053 370
    • phone (English attention): +34 698 179 392
  • Does it often rain in the summer?

    It is important to take into account that we are in a city which is influenced by an Atlantic climate and rain is always a possibility, although normally this is in the form of typical summer storms that remit quite quickly.

  • Are laundry facilities available?

    Laundry is collected from a different group every day. It is returned, washed and dried, in the evening of the same day or the next morning. We ask that all articles of clothing to be washed be marked with full name , so that clothes are returned to their rightful owner.

  • What electrical appliances are needed?

    In Spain the use of a two round head pins plug of 220 volts is necessary. For all other types of plugs and or appliances with a different voltage, adapters are needed.

  • How do you decide on bed distribution?

    Firstly we separate boys from girls we then take into account ages and, last but not least the mother tongue. At Xogos da Amizade CAMPS, in addition to our principal objective that the participant is constantly in contact with the target language, we understand Xogos da Amizade camp to also be cultural exchange and, for this reason we like to put students of different nationalities together.

  • How do you decide on excursions and places visited?

    We have chosen three distinguished aspects: 1. Visits to cultural and historic locations such as Santiago de Compostela which is a historical city of national and cultural value. To many the first contact with a completely different culture and certainly an enriching experience. 2. Environmental visits such as our visit to the company Porto-Muiños (algae). 3. Leisure and fun activities have been included in our program and more detailed information can be found on our web page.

  • Why A Coruña?

    La Coruña is a small, coastal, cosmopolitan city known worldwide for its beauty, its peacefulness and the kindness of its people. A surrounding province with ideal conditions for practicing many different sports and having diverse culture activities makes it our ideal choice for a summer camp for young adventurous people.

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