(Español) Aviso Legal

1.Purpose and description of services: ALEJANDRO ABANDO DOMINGUEZ, domiciled in Avda Vilaboa, No. 66 – 3rd A – 15174 – Culleredo (A Coruña) (Spain) and DNI. 29781620R, hereinafter ALEJANDRO ABANDO DOMINGUEZ, is the creator and owner web pages included in the site xogosdaamizade.com (hereinafter the web), generated and structured from software, design and content, along with other information both own and from reputable suppliers and offers a variety of products and services largely to that information. This contract, together with the other regulations included in the Web itself and especially in this section “Legal Notice” regulates the provision and delivery to the customer, through the telecommunications network Internet, services and products by ALEJANDRO ABANDO DOMINGUEZ. The products and services are those that are available through self Information System Web ALEJANDRO ABANDO DOMINGUEZ and price lists contained in it, reserving however that company the right to modify and revise such rates and products and services under the same during the term of this contract. A general data, products and services provided by ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO will be referred to hereinafter CONTENT.

2. Intellectual property: ABANDO ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ owns all rights to intellectual property of the web and the elements contained therein, except for the rights that are not owned by this company and belong to their respective owners. It is strictly forbidden to modify, transmit, distribute, reuse, repost, or use all or part of the page content for public or commercial purposes without authorization ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO.
Violation of any of these rights may constitute a violation of these provisions, as well as an offense punishable under Articles 270 and following of the Criminal Code of Spain.
All names of manufacturers, products, companies, brands and logos appearing on this Web site belong to their respective owners, whether or not the symbol ® © copyright or trademark.

3. General Terms of Service: The use of the Web site attributes the user’s condition CLIENT ABANDO ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ and implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions in these Terms of Service acceptance.
These General Conditions apply to the use of the Web and the sale of all products or services to professionals, businesses, consumers, users or any other final destination.
ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO grants its customers a right of access to the Web. This right implies free access to certain free services or products and the purchase and restricted access to subscribers to certain products and expressly contracted services. For this, the client provides minimal information (name, e-mail and address) on a form prior to downloading any product in the Web.
The use by the customer for the products or services of the Web presuppose, in any case, adherence to these Terms of Service at the time of the purchase order.
The use of certain services may be subject to specific conditions to be published and / or reported to the Customer access them.
Therefore, the client must read and accept the Terms of Service and, if applicable, the particular conditions prior to making a purchase or hire a service.

4. Conditions of use of the service and content: The client is aware that the use of the service takes place, in any case, under their sole responsibility.
Buying products or services or free access should be those offered for free from the Web behave the CUSTOMER a license that includes the right to electronically display its contents as well as the right to copy in electronic form or print or in some cases modify specified for the exclusive internal use of the CLIENT or its employees.
All content included in the products and services ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO are subject to intellectual and industrial property ABANDO ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ and / or third party content providers. Access to such content by the CLIENT in no way implies any kind of waiver, transmission or total or partial transfer of such rights, or confer any rights for commercial exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the contents other than those expressly set forth in these general conditions, without the prior express authorization specifically granted for that purpose, by ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO.
The CLIENT agrees not to remove, if any, reference to copyright, in prints and copies of documents, including the products and services ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO.
The CUSTOMER will refrain from using the products or services and their content for illegal purposes, prohibited in these General Conditions, prejudicial to the rights and interests of others and ABANDO ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ. Unless proved otherwise, it is deemed fraudulent and illegal use or downloading files using specialized software downloads Web pages. In such cases, ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO may suspend the service, billing downloads to price individual download and claim damages.
The CUSTOMER may not handle or use the products and services received to trade with them, create publications and / or public access services of any kind, especially those that are comparable or interfere with publications and / or services ALEJANDRO ABANDO DOMINGUEZ offers or you can offer. the incorporation of content included in the products and services ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO Web pages accessible by third parties and public databases is expressly prohibited, regardless of their computer support, whether free or paid.
Access to the service by the CLIENT may be canceled if ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO detects patterns of use contrary to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, and in particular the fraudulent document capture and reuse information for commercial use.
CUSTOMER obligations regarding downloaded or printed content will continue after completion of the contract.
The presentation of products on the screen itself does not constitute an offer of sale itself from such contractual point of view, but that is merely a showcase of products available to the Web.

5. Use of Information: The information will be provided for the exclusive use of the client, which in no case, unless authorized in writing by ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO, you can:
Move, transfer, lease, sublease, sublicense, sell or make any other disposition of the product or service either for free or at cost.
Alter, transform or otherwise modify all or part of the product or service, except those expressly stated otherwise either on the website, either on the product or service.
Create websites or compendia that contain whole or in part the product or service that is the content of the Web ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO.
THE CLIENT is solely responsible for the consequences that may arise from such actions, as well as safeguarding the product or service provided and should take the appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access or disclosure.

6. Responsibility: CUSTOMER agrees that the information provided (product or service) by ALEJANDRO ABANDO DOMINGUEZ may be another element to consider in making business decisions but may not take them solely on the basis of it, and to do ABANDO ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ released from all responsibility for the mismatch.
The customer may not claim any responsibility for damages arising from errors and / or incorrectness or inaccuracy in the information provided by ALEJANDRO ABANDO DOMINGUEZ every time he devotes more effort and care to try that the information provided is accurate and reliable , this being not always possible:
For the many products and services that work ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO to gather information.
Because the products and services from sources on which ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO not always have control and whose verification is not always possible.
Because there is the possibility of error; ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO not guarantee the correctness of the information provided or liable for any errors or omissions.
ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from negligence, delay or error on their part or its officers, employees and agents to procure, transmit or provide information under this contract, or to provide the contracted services.
ALEJANDRO ABANDO DOMINGUEZ not responsible for any damages that may cause the malfunction of the website motivated by external technical means, such as any hardware needed for the Web work or to connect expressly disclaims any liability in case of malfunction of the telephone network. ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO not guarantee the merchantability and fitness of your Web content (products and services) for a particular purpose.
The responsibility of ALEJANDRO ABANDO DOMINGUEZ respect of damage caused by mediating gross negligence and compensation for damages and payment of interest in case of non-compliance, shall not exceed in any case, by mutual consent of the parties, of all of the amounts paid by the CUSTOMER ABANDO ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ by the commercial transaction in which they had produced.

7. Legitimacy and origin of the data: ABANDO ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ guarantees the legitimacy of the sources used in the development of its products and services.
Nevertheless and since products and services are in many cases suppliers outside ALEJANDRO ABANDO DOMINGUEZ, to understand you. That they have infringed their intellectual property rights please notify us immediately at the address info @ xogosdaamizade .com so we proceed to cancel access to them and adopt appropriate legal action. In its communication you must provide the following information:
1- Declaration unambiguous signature, physical or digital, that you are the holder of the rights or have authorization holder to act on their behalf.
2- The title or accreditation of representation of these rights.
3- A detailed description of the work and the rights that you believe violated.
4- The said communication shall be addressed to the address specified above.
ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO pursue a breach of the general and special conditions of service, and any unauthorized use of protected intellectual property.

8. Modifications: ABANDO ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ reserves the right to modify its products and services, as well as the systematization of the data supplied and technical characteristics of access and transmission. ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ ABANDO also reserves the right to suspend partially or totally the service for technical changes or breakdowns without notice.

9. Confidentiality and Data Protection. Any personal data you provide for the use of the services and content of the site will be subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act, Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data.

10. Form of perfection. Nullity. Submission. Contracts between ABANDO ALEJANDRO DOMINGUEZ and their customers or subscribers shall be complete at the time of purchase or, where appropriate, subscription service or approval by the customer.
If any provision of this contract was voidable or null and void, it will not put, keeping the rest of his entire binding contract between the parties.
For the resolution of any legal dispute arising from the interpretation and / or performance of the contract, the parties renouncing any other general or special jurisdiction that may apply, submit to the Courts of A Coruña (Spain) capital.

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